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TPM Talks: Loading Historical Promotion Data into a New TPM System

In the TPM Talks webinar series, senior consultant Shatakshi Shekhar sits down with various consumer products sales and marketing subject matter experts to chat through some of the most pressing topics and challenges surrounding Trade Promotion Management in the industry today. The topic of this talk considerations for loading historical promotion data into a new TPM system. Explore the free webinar download here and read a quick overview below.

When assisting with TPM implementations, we often encounter clients who want to migrate their historical promotional data into their new system. However, it’s important to first weigh the pros and cons of loading that historical data and first understand the implications of that migration before moving forward. 

Why Load Historical Promotional Data into a New TPM System? 

Customers often want to move their historical promotion data into a new system as a means to help drive a more accurate baseline calculation. Having access to year-over-year promotional history in your new system can be very appealing to customers who don’t want to start from a blank slate. 

However, when deciding whether or not to complete that data migration, there are two key considerations to keep in mind: 1) data quality, and 2) project resources. 

Considerations for Migrating Promotional Data  

  • Data qualityThere are a number of nuances at play that can cause the migrated historical promotional data to be less accurate. When migrating data into a new TPM system, you need to make sure tactics, shipment timing, in-store execution timing, customer and product hierarchies, and more are aligned – if not, you can end up with poor-quality data that will drive inaccurate decision-making. 
  • Project resources – Organizations also need to take into consideration the overall project and the resources allocated. t isn’t a simple task to migrate historical promotions, particularly with some of those data quality nuances at play. You need to make sure it’s in the best interest of the project to dedicate such time and resources to the migration to ensure quality, accurate data, and overall success. 

In this webinar, I’m joined by director and consumer products expert Kyle McDonald as we discuss considerations for migrating historical promotional data and our recommendations for organizations deciding whether or not to undertake this critical initiative.  

Download the Historical Promotion Data Video

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