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Retail eCommerce Consulting

The eCommerce channel is rapidly changing the retail landscape.  Retailers can no longer rely on brick-and-mortar and Amazon to meet shopper expectations. Our eCommerce consulting and online retail consulting teams ensures you are able to set and execute your strategy with processes and technology that can scale with your eCommerce channel.

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Retail Industry Challenges

Challenges for retailers in eCommerce like ability to bridge the channel gap, sticking to a focused strategy, the need to compete with giants, managing reverse logistics, and complying with privacy standards can make it seem like investments in your eCommerce are endless. Our eCommerce retail consultants can help you face this challenges and achieve the ROI you need.

Bridging the Channel Gap

It’s challenging for retailers who are focused on in-store experiences to create an omni-channel customer experience that lives up to their shopper’s expectations.

Focused and Consistent Strategy

Building an online presence is much more than simply creating a website. Having a cohesive eCommerce strategy from front-end through fulfillment is key to success.

Competing with Giants

Amazon has set the standard for pricing and shipping expectations. Online retailers must consider Amazon when determining pricing strategy and fulfillment options to accommodate increasing customer expectations.

Reverse Logistics

Managing product returns and refunds are costly for online retailers who see an increased amount of returns due to trends in eCommerce shopping habits.

Privacy Standards

Data security and customer data privacy is at the forefront of minds due to recent legislation around the globe. eCommerce companies must invest in cybersecurity to be a trusted place to shop and prevent costly fines.

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Industry Trends

Our ecommerce consultants will help you and your company be informed about the most pressing industry trends.

AI to Power Commerce

Retailers are using artificial intelligence in every aspect of their business, including eCommerce. Embedded in chatbots, catalog selections, and shopping recommendations AI is impacting how retailers interact and transact with customers.

Generation Z

Gen Z has gained spending power and they have higher expectations for socially conscious behaviors. Online retailers are catering their brand stories in a unique way to attract these shoppers.

Channel Expansion

Investments in real-time conversations, smart home assistance, and voice recognition are all critical components to a successful eCommerce retail strategy.

Tailored Journeys

Personalization from both a product and messaging perspective remains top of mind for retailers who seek to stay relevant with customers who now have more choices than ever.

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