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Pet Products and Pet Food Consulting

Clarkston’s pet products and pet food consultants help our clients develop and activate strategies to address their specific challenges and emerging trends to drive business.

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Industry Challenges

Our pet products and pet food consulting team is prepared to help your company face some of today’s most pressing challenges.

Increased Regulation

Pet food remains one of the most highly regulated products and must adhere to strict federal criteria regarding product names and ingredients.


A growing eCommerce market for pet food will challenge brick-and-mortar companies to establish an omnichannel presence to better meet the needs of consumers and remain competitive in a booming market.

Demand for Transparency

Pet owners want high-quality products for their pets and expect full ingredient transparency from companies.

Supply Chain

A surge in pet adoptions coupled with raw material and labor shortages make it difficult for pet products companies to keep their shelves stocked.

Market Growth

The pet products and food market continues to experience extreme growth, and with it, increased market competition.

Changing Consumer Preference

People view their pets as immediate parts of their family, driving consumers to seek out newer, more premium products and brands.

Contact Clarkston To Learn More About Our Pet Products and Pet Food Consulting Practice

Contact Clarkston To Learn More About Our Pet Products and Pet Food Consulting Practice

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