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Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Assessment and Benchmarking for a Leading CPG Brand

In this Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) case study, we explore a project with a leading CPG brand who was looking to assess and benchmark MAP strategies, processes, and technologies, to help bring their capabilities in alignment to leading industry practices. Clarkston led primary and secondary research and analysis, which included subject matter expert deep dives, interviews, an in- and out-of-industry assessment, and a competitive benchmarking analysis. 

Download the MAP Case Study Here

As part of this work, Clarkston evaluated the client’s most critical challenges and the level of organizational alignment through collaborative working sessions and deep dives across the existing strategy and operational practices. Clarkston conducted external interviews with a wide variety of subject matter experts across different categories and sub-industries to gain perspectives on MAP strategies (incl. policies), processes, and technologies to close the gap between current state and leading practices. Clarkston leveraged ‘out-of-industry’ benchmarks and secondary research to redesign our client’s strategy and to improve their MAP posture with eCommerce retailers. Lastly, Clarkston conducted deep dives with MAP technology vendors, helping define further requirements and capabilities needed by the client to achieve their desired ambition.   

By partnering with Clarkston, the client gained greater insight into industry leading practices of MAP strategies, processes, and technologies, and how to monitor, analyze, and track MAP violations, as well as further gained organizational alignment toward a new MAP strategy.  

Download the Minimum Advertised Pricing case study or contact us to learn more about how we can help your organization address MAP within your business. 

Tags: Case Study, Pricing Strategy, Strategic Advisory