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SAP Signavio

SAP Signavio is a cloud-based comprehensive Business Process Management (BPM) solution that helps organizations streamline operations, optimize processes, gain greater visibility, and improve overall business performance.

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Enable end-to-end business process transformation and drive strategic change.

Growing disruption and change across industries has created a perfect storm of fragmented business processes and siloed teams, technologies, and data. Visibility into your end-to-end business processes is already critical in today’s environment but businesses must now be prepared to act on it quickly and at the scale of their organization. Signavio connects the dots across your business to allow you to understand, optimize, and transform business processes across both non-SAP and SAP solutions. Signavio enhances process mining by thoroughly monitoring your processes and benchmarking across industry standards.


Our team of SAP Signavio consultants bring decades of industry-specific expertise and technical excellence to every project. With our SAP Signavio consulting services, businesses are able to transform insights into action across the myriad dimensions of your business in real-time.

SAP Signavio Strategy and Advisory

  • SAP Signavio Strategic Advisory
  • SAP Signavio Business Case
  • SAP Signavio Roadmap

SAP Signavio Processes & Optimization

  • Process Analysis and Mining
  • Process and Journey Modeling
  • Workflow and Automation Execution
  • Organizational Alignment
  • KPI, Reporting, & Analytics Capabilities

SAP Signavio Implementations

  • SAP Signavio Functional Consulting
  • SAP Signavio Integration
  • Program & Project Management
  • Training & Change Management
  • Testing
  • Master Data & Reporting

Industry Use Cases with SAP Signavio

Realizing Operational Excellence with
SAP Signavio in Life Sciences

Businesses are competing on a new playing field to create treatments faster and cheaper without sacrificies to efficacy, safety, quality, or sustainability. Through greater visibility and understanding of enterprise-wide business processes in SAP Signavio, organizations are able to identify gaps in operational efficiency more readily, optimize existing processes more effectively, standup new processes more quickly

eCommerce Trends

Customer Journey Modeling with
SAP Signavio in Retail

When implemented appropriately, SAP Signavio can help businesses move from customer journey mapping to customer journey modeling. Combining a wider variety of disparate data sources and customer touchpoints across various digital and physical modalities, the SAP Signavio Journey Modeler can give business leaders a truer sense of their customer’s entire experience with the brand.

Continuous Innovation with
SAP Signavio in Consumer Products

SAP Signavio empowers data to a whole new level and enables rapid, scalable, and effective innovation throughout the business. By creating commonality, understanding, and discipline in business process management, businesses can leverage SAP Signavio to enable a continuous cycle of innovation, optimization, and forward-looking growth.

What Our Clients Say

Supply Chain Consulting Client Quote

Director IT Business Technology

“Clarkston consultants put in extra effort to assist the business. Clarkston’s success is dependent on our success, and they are always willing to help. The team’s willingness to adapt and be flexible in our ever-changing environment has been appreciated.”

Clarkston Consulting is uniquely positioned to support our clients SAP Signavio needs. We are not only a leading integrator of SAP, but we have decades of functional expertise implementing solutions. For more information on how we can with your SAP Signavio needs, please contact Anand Nataraj.

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