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Advanced Analytics

With new access to large amounts of data and technical innovations, there’s a fundamental shift in the way that data is used in the consumer products, retail, and life sciences industries to drive problem solving. Our data science consultants help your business unlock revenue growth and cost-savings opportunities with advanced analytics.

Isolated tools, isolate your business.

Many companies have a wealth of data but lack the tools and resources to fully utilize it. Frequently, companies want to take on analytics projects but their capabilities are isolated to solve single problems rather than be accessible to the entire organization. With advanced analytics, you have the ability to access new insights based on a new way of thinking.


Clarkston’s data scientists use end-to-end analytics solutions to advise companies on how to best identify, prioritize, and solve problems. By using data-driven analysis, our team can provide unbiased recommendations to support your advanced analytics objectives.

Analytics Strategy & Roadmap

Clarkston offers an analytical ramp-up to activate your data.

  • Analytics Strategy
  • Analytics Proof-of-Concept Projects
  • Analytics Roadmap
  • Graph Database Strategy
  • Graph Database Implementation

End-to-End Analytics Solutions

There is a growing opportunity for companies who invest in end-to-end analytics solutions to jump start their analytics program.

  • Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data Science
  • Statistical Analysis

Analytical Support and Insights Discovery

If you are looking to temporarily augment your analytics capabilities, Clarkston helps your team achieve new insights by translating between the business needs and data science capabilities.

  • Analytical Support
  • Insights Discovery
  • Executive Coaching & Visioning
  • Data Scientist Business Analyst Liaison

What Our Clients Say

Chief Supply and Service Officer

Global Beauty Company

The onsite leadership is extremely engaged in our business and works hard to understand our unique challenges and utilize their skills and outside expertise to help drive solutions.

 Either working side-by-side with your team or by working with your data and bringing back results, Clarkston can help your organization establish high-impact analytics for your organization.

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