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ERP Vendor Selection for a Clinical Stage Biotech

A clinical-stage biotechnology company was rapidly approaching the commercialization of their first product. They recognized the importance of a robust ERP system to support a commercial future and engaged with Clarkston Consulting to help guide them through an objective process of vendor selection.

Clarkston began by helping them align internally on the goals and selection criteria for choosing an ERP. The team delivered a roadmap of the selection process, identifying the goals and scope of the project, how to engage team members with distinct responsibilities, a clear project timeline and expectations and the key selection criteria activities that will take place.

Download the Full ERP Vendor Selection Case Study Here

With the foundation in place, Clarkston engaged with a large cross-function group of teams representing every facet of the business that interacts with ERP.  Through interviews, surveys and interactive meetings, Clarkston gathered software requirements, categorized them and indexed them from an importance and priority perspective. Vendor requests for proposals were drafted, finalized and submitted to top-tier ERP software vendors.  Working with the vendors, we helped them prepare for and deliver RFP responses, provide lists of key software capabilities and leading the team through the review of this material. Finally, the Clarkston team curated and led a series of vendor demos to allow the team to see specific functionality demonstrated live.

As a result, the client was able to select a product that was a clear fit for the future of their organization. The project also severed to accelerate the client’s path to implementation as the requirements gathering and alignment exercises sparked preparation activities in the organization to ensure readiness.

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