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Cell and Gene Therapy Consulting

Cell and gene therapy represents a total shift in the way treatment is developed, tested, delivered, and administered to patients. As organizations move toward these new therapies, established business models are being upended.

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Are you developing cell and gene therapies to save lives?

Executives in the life sciences industry are pressured to make their businesses better, faster, and more flexible. Once driven by the need for cost-savings, those same pressures are now driven as requirements for the safety and efficacy of next-generation treatments like cell therapy and gene therapy.

Cell and Gene Therapy Consulting Solutions

We partner with our late-stage clinical and commercial clients to create the critical capabilities for this new era of cell and gene therapy, including strategy, process creation and implementation, and our Cell Therapy Orchestration Platform (CTOP).

Gene and Cell Therapy Strategy

We partner with cell and gene therapy leadership to create and execute data-driven, scalable strategies designed for your business’s specific patient populations and treatments.

  • Clinical-Stage to Commercial Strategy and Planning
  • Partner Engagement Strategy, Integration, and Execution
  • Technology Strategy for Commercialization
  • Cell and Gene Therapy Division Setup
  • Vendor Selections

Process Development and Implementation

Leveraging deep industry experience with industry-recognized functional expertise, we develop business processes designed to accommodate the complex scientific and logistical implications of targeted cell and gene therapies.

  • Commercial Launch Management
  • Quality and Regulatory Procedures
  • Scenario-Based Planning Model
  • Chain of Identity Risk Assessment and Mitigation Planning
  • Capacity Planning Strategy
  • Supply Chain Network Design and Diagnostics


We create and implement innovative technology solutions, customized to handle the unique production, scheduling, and treatment requirements of personalized medicine therapeutic models.

  • Technology Roadmap Planning & Execution
  • Clarkston’s Cell Therapy Orchestration Platform
  • Cell Therapy Software
  • Gene Therapy Software
  • Provider/Patient Collaboration Platforms
  • Patient Scheduling Portal
  • ERP Software Implementation
  • Quality Systems Software Implementation

What Our Clients Say

Life Sciences client quote

Vice President, Technology

Leading Life Sciences Company, Cell and Gene Therapy Division

Clarkston Consulting are excellent team members to work with who are always willing to help, provide thought leadership, and bring excellence in everything they involved in with us.


Pharmaceutical Company


Cell Therapy Data Management: Complex Challenges to Data Sharing Across Treatment Lifecycle

Structure and stability are needed to create repeatable processes, data capture, and nomenclature for functional groups integrated across functions.

Dedicated organization roles and responsibilities to create ownership and accountability cross-functional

Communication to break down silo’s and enable collaboration and coordination

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For more information about how we can help your company with the cell and gene therapy, contact Janel Firestein, Clarkston Consulting’s Life Sciences leader.

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