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Consumer Healthcare Consulting

Clarkston’s consumer healthcare consultants help our clients develop and activate strategies to address their specific challenges and emerging trends to drive business.

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Industry Challenges

Our consumer healthcare consulting team is prepared to help your company face some of today’s most pressing challenges.

Consumer Trust

A general mistrust of consumer healthcare stems from consumers seeing a lack of industry transparency about pricing and other medical related services.

Rx to OTC

Getting approval and switching prescription drugs to over-the-counter (OTC) require different business operations models.

Patient Experience

Taking a patient-centered approach to consumer healthcare establishes consumer trust and prioritizes the patient’s experience throughout their healthcare journey.

New Distribution Channels

With a shift toward digital access to healthcare products and services and direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels, companies must invest in strategies to better meet consumers where they are.

Sustainable Care

Consumers are demanding greater accountability for companies to provide sustainable healthcare products, treatments, and supplements.




DTC Website Launch for Consumer Healthcare Leader

Developed benchmark targets to raise awareness across the new DTC platform and increase paid and organic traffic

Leveraged monthly subscription plans on top-selling products to increase average order value and order conversion rate

Enhanced email marketing campaigns with coupon incentives to drive consumers to the new DTC platform

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Contact Clarkston To Learn More About Our Consumer Healthcare Consulting Practice

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