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Direct-to-Consumer: DTC Website Launch for Consumer Healthcare Leader

Contributors: Lorraine Mackiewicz

The below case study describes how our DTC consultants partnered with our consumer healthcare client in a recent direct-to-consumer (DTC) website launch:

A leading global consumer healthcare manufacturer sought out Clarkston’s expertise to launch a direct-to-consumer sales, marketing, and operational channel for one of their category leading brands. This brand has seen tremendous growth over the last 25 years while serving consumers through brick-and-mortar and e-Retailer sales. The team was looking to take their relationship with the consumer to the next level by completely refreshing their website – inclusive of new visual brand language and assets along with direct selling capabilities.

Download the Full DTC Website Launch Case Study Here

The primary project objective was to create a connected digital ecosystem that provided a seamless experience for consumers to access content and purchase products. Clarkston provided both digital strategy consulting and program management leadership to launch the direct-to-consumer website and accompanying visual brand refresh. The project delivered a consumer-facing website backed by integrated processes and systems to support DTC marketing and operations. Some of the critical DTC capabilities that were built include payment and tax integrations, email marketing, product subscriptions, tagging and analytics, shipping and returns, and customer service support. As a result, the team stood up a new website that enhances the consumer experience while allowing for greater opportunities to test and learn for future optimizations.

Download the full DTC Website Launch case study here, learn more about our Direct to Consumer Consulting Services or contact us below.

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