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Data Management Consulting

Data is constantly growing and changing. CPG, Life Sciences, and Retail companies have realized they need a holistic approach to collecting, analyzing, storing, and distributing data in a compliant and efficient manner.

When it comes to data, who is in charge?

Data sprawl, changing business needs, and increased data compliance scrutiny have placed a heavy burden on organizations. Many can only tackle these issues in silos without having a true handle on the organization’s entire data estates. Clear responsibility and dedication to the effort seems to never take hold to make the changes needed. With data management, the organization as a whole needs to change the way it thinks about data and whose responsibility it is.


Clarkston helps define and build a combination of modern data architecture, organizational training and process, and the right Governance model to solve data management problems. Clarkston’s data management consultants will help you establish processes, roles, and responsibilities around your data to lead you to better decision-making, greater efficiency, and increased value.

Modern Data Architecture

To achieve a sustained digital and analytical transformation, companies must make investments into building a modern data architecture.

  • Strategy and Roadmap
  • System Architecture Design
  • Define Data Processes

Data Lake and Data Hub

 The methods for storing data shouldn’t be viewed as an either/or choice, but rather as supporting different needs within the overall company data strategy.

  • Data Lake Implementation
  • Enterprise Data Platform
  • Data Fabric
  • Data Storage – Big Data/Cloud

Data Management and Governance

Governance is about making precise decisions to best harmonize data, provide consistent reporting and trending, and reduce implementation and maintenance costs to ultimately create a foundation for advanced analytics.

  • Master Data Management
  • Data Governance Assessment
  • Data Stewardship and Training
  • Organizational Setup

What Our Clients Say

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VP Finance & Procurement

Consumer Products Company

They take the time to understand the client’s business and modify the Clarkston team to provide the best possible support and analysis.

Your data is your most valuable asset. You deserve a trusted partner in managing your data.

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