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Mass Merchant, Drug, and Club Consulting

Clarkston’s mass merchant, drug, and club consulting practices helps our clients develop and activate strategies to address their specific challenges and emerging trends to drive business growth.

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Industry Challenges

Our mass merchant, drug, and club consultants are prepared to help your company face some of today’s most pressing challenges.

Supplier Relations

With fluctuations in the supply chain, working closely with your manufacturing partners for planning is critical.

Loyalty Programs

Companies are facing challenges of how to make their existing loyalty programs fit within this new operational area and meet consumer expectations.

Supply Chain

Rising inflation, raw good shortages, and changes in consumer demand present a challenge for retailers who are looking to minimize disruptions for buyers.

Multichannel Experience

Creating a multichannel experience that is seamless to buyers continues to grow in complexity, including how competitors’ paces of rolling out improvements impact buyers’ expectations across all retailers.

Data and Analytics as a Differentiator

Data is available across all facets of the business, but how do you make the right investments of time and money to leverage your data to produce meaningful and actionable analytics?


Big Box Retailer


Helping a Big Box Retailer Improve Their eCommerce Platform

As retailers continue shifting their efforts online, a big box retailer decided to revamp their eCommerce experience by entirely rebuilding their desktop, mobile, tablet, and registry websites.  This initiative involved bringing eCommerce operations in-house, as well as building and managing a new platform for two different sites.

Improved the user experience through a modern full-screen responsive design, new navigation and search capabilities to help find products faster, and richer images to ensure a customer can find what they are looking for

Created a streamlined customer journey by decreasing time to place an order through a simplified cart and checkout process

Revamped the registry experience on the eCommerce site with a user dashboard that gives greater visibility into what an expecting family has requested

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Contact Our Mass Merchant, Drug, and Club Consulting Team

Contact Our Mass Merchant, Drug, and Club Consulting Team

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