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Restaurant and Hospitality Consulting

Clarkston’s restaurant and hospitality consultants help our clients develop and activate strategies to address their specific challenges and emerging trends to drive business.

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Industry Challenges

Our restaurant and hospitality consulting team is prepared to help your company face some of today’s most pressing challenges. Whether your goal is additional revenue growth, finding new ways to meet your customers needs, or building up your technology capabilities, we’re prepared to help you meet those opportunities while also managing the challenges facing the industry today.

Leveraging Effective Technology

Without the right technology in place, it can be a challenge for companies to fully elevate both the customer experience and staff capabilities while efficiently managing day-to-day operations. Contactless payments, platforms or apps for online ordering, self-check-ins, and more have become standard digital needs to better enable your staff and elevate the guest experience.

Serving Customer Preferences

To increase customer retention and win new customers, companies are exploring investments to provide user-friendly and frictionless guest experiences, whether they’re dining onsite or ordering for delivery or pick-up. Crafting meaningful, personalized, and unique services is no small task. And, competing loyalty and rewards programs make securing customer attention more competitive than ever.

Ensuring Sustainability

Customers demand products that are not simply good for them, but good for the environment too — healthy, sustainable, and ethically-sourced. Regulations around sustainability, quality, safety, cleanliness, and traceability have grown in tandem with consumer demand, putting increased pressure across myriad functions in the restaurant and hospitality industry, particularly the supply chain.

Managing Employees Effectively

Providing quality customer service comes down to effectively hiring, training, and retaining qualified employees. Significant employee turnover in the industry creates considerable challenges in workforce management and performance management.


Forecasting Demand and Inventory

Accurately predicting stocking needs and managing suppliers has a significant effect on revenue and profitability. Companies in the restaurant and hospitality industry have a lot to juggle when managing stock levels and reducing inventory waste, especially if there is not efficient and transparent demand forecasting in place. As supplier networks have grown more diverse and decentralized, visibility into inventory levels at distribution and supplier centers has become increasingly vital.

Comprehensive Reporting and Tracking

To manage all aspects of day-to-day business, companies desire comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities. From order tickets to item profitability to customer reviews and more, having readily available data and analytics insights can help to delight customers and exceed their expectations for improved engagement and retention.

C A S E   S T U D Y

Point-of-Sale (POS) System Vendor Selection for a National Restaurant Brand

A leading national restaurant brand engaged Clarkston to complete a POS system vendor selection. The strategic objectives for this integrated POS solution were to create more integrated, improved customer experiences; allow for service model flexibility across modes of dining; streamline integrations; and provide analytic insight into store operations, above-store operations, and customer behavior. Through Clarkston’s vendor selection methodology and retail expertise, the client was able to select a POS solution that is innovative, supports scalable future growth, and will improve the overall guest, employee, and operator experience. 

Identified 10 potential POS solution vendors and managed five proposal responses

Created a comprehensive list of 400+ functional requirements after holding requirements-gathering sessions across business units

Analyzed five proposals across five key critical areas and facilitated down-selection discussions to ensure franchises were involved in the final selection decision

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We help businesses stay ahead in the fast-paced restaurant and hospitality environment.

We partner with clients to create valuable customer service experiences and improve organizational efficiency. With the above industry challenges in mind and years of industry experience, our professionals are are prepared to deliver projects in the fast-paced restaurant and hospitality environment. Contact one of our experts to find out how our retail solutions can help your company meet evolving customer expectations.

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