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Consumer Durables Consulting

Clarkston’s consumer durables consultants leverage decades of industry experience to develop and activate scalable, focused strategies for innovation, growth, and optimization.

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Industry Challenges

Our consumer durables consulting team is prepared to help your company face some of today’s most pressing challenges.

An Accelerated Pace of Innovation

To better serve a well-informed market and keep up with evolving consumer behaviors, disruptive innovation is vital. Durables manufacturers are increasing their pace of innovation through new product developments and improvements to increase market share and sales growth.

Capitalizing on Emerging Opportunities

Unlocking value through the right M&A deals can help a company move swiftly into an adjacent segment. Strengthening portfolios and expanding into new territories can be challenging while simultaneously leveraging core operations.

Ensuring Product Quality and Lifetime

Manufacturers, product designers, and engineers must ensure the lifetime of the product is as expected by sourcing high-quality parts, testing products, iterating on designs, providing customer manuals for proper care, and offering warranties and product support.

Coordination of Logistics

Supply chain processes and enterprise solutions are critical to streamline deliveries and prevent disruptions. To make the logistics side of the business as cost-effective as possible, companies must coordinate with stakeholders, keep track of inventory levels, and negotiate shipping rates.

Value Engineering

Mounting pressures on all sides to contain costs while driving greater value have squeezed manufacturing and production teams. Durables companies need to improve productivity and reduce production costs over time by investing in automation and lean manufacturing, and assessing input costs.


Case Study: Creating a Voice of the Customer Assessment

A global leader in furniture design and manufacturing engaged Clarkston to conduct a Voice of the Customer (VOC) assessment to uncover the unmet needs of the client’s customers and consumers to serve their next iteration of strategic planning.

More than 120 external stakeholders involved in the voice of the customer effort

45 actionable recommendations provided to retail division

18 actionable recommendations provided to DTC division

Download the Case Study

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Contact Clarkston To Learn More About Our Consumer Durables Consulting Practice

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