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Creating a Voice of the Customer Assessment

A global leader in furniture design and manufacturing engaged Clarkston to conduct a Voice of the Customer (VOC) assessment to uncover unmet needs of the clients’ customers and consumers to serve its next iteration of strategic planning. Clarkston leveraged several key methodologies and approaches, including elements of design thinking and ethnographic research as a way to augment findings and recommendations.  

The project included several interviews with the client’s retail customers as well as a survey for existing consumers and one for prospective consumers. Clarkston gathered hundreds of different data points across consumers, customer key contacts, and prospective customers. More than 120 external stakeholders were involved in the voice of the customer effort.

Download the Voice of the Customer Assessment Case Study Here

Once the interviews were completed and the survey results were in, all data was compiled and analyzed. The retail interviews provided insights into the current and future needs of the client’s retail customers. The consumer surveys showed insights into customers’ motivations around purchasing specific products, their path to purchase, and how they valued different features and services. Based on customer and consumer feedback from multiple angles, Clarkston determined a set of actionable recommendations for each segment of the VOC — 45 actionable recommendations provided to the retail division and 18 actionable recommendations provided to the DTC division.

The insights and recommendations provided the client with clear opportunities to improve customer relationships, market needs to fulfill both immediately and in the long-term future, and tactics to increase sales and market share. Thankful for the direct feedback from their customers and impressed by the comprehensive data provided, the client was excited to put the recommendations into action. 

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