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Consumer Centric Compliance

Regulatory compliance for any organization is compulsory. However, checking boxes for regulators does little to set an organization apart in the eyes of the consumer. Consumer centric compliance can align an organization’s operations with an ever-growing list of consumer expectations.

Organizations are often forced to prioritize agility and speed-to-market to anticipate shifts in consumer preferences. Compliance is often viewed as an impediment to this agility.

As with any consumer products organization, the quality and regulatory functions can be sources of competitive advantage if approaches are adjusted to the risk profiles of the organization’s products. Losing sight of the consumer while building an approach to compliance can be detrimental. However, the best direct-to-consumer operations cannot be left unchecked for compliance blind spots and opportunities to take proactive compliance measures.


There is no successful one-size-fits-all compliance strategy – it’s important that it works for your risk profile and business model. An effective strategy for compliance requires careful consideration of your specific needs, long- and short-term business objectives, resources, and culture.


Regularly re-evaluating the balance between your long-term compliance strategy and satisfying consumer expectations, particularly as you enter new product and geographic markets will accelerate time-to-market and minimize business risk. 

  • Localized Compliance Review and Risk Assessment
  • New Product & New Market Industry Benchmarks and Trends
  • Best Practices Quality Assessment Roadmap Development


Understanding the cross-functional impact of the compliance strategy improves speed and agility, minimizes re-work, and expedites product launches.

  • Planning and Ownership
  • Process Deployment Coordination, Documentation, and Validation
  • Project and Change Management


An organization’s ability to meet increasing consumer demands for transparency is reliant upon a strong foundation of technology enablers.

  • Product Claims Management
  • Supply Chain Collaboration & Transparency
  • Data Governance & Integrity
  • Quality & Compliance Analytics

What Our Clients Say

VP Quality Assurance

Consumer Products Company

Clarkston’s consultants knew the best ways to attack the problem, clearly described the process, respected timelines and were diligent to completion.

We’ve worked with consumer products companies to institute compliance strategies that build organizations and implement processes and systems to meet compliance requirements and enable growth into new markets. Contact Steve Rosenstock, our consumer products regulatory strategy expert for more information.

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