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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting

Step into the future of business where championing diversity, equity, and inclusion will result not only in enriching the workplace, but also in shaping stronger product marketing strategies, expanding market reach, and deepening ties to a diverse consumer base. Utilize DEI consulting to position your business as both an industry leader and an agent of social change.

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Increase ROI Through DEI-Driven Business Practices

Businesses that champion diversity, equity, and inclusion not only foster a better sense of belonging in the workplace—they’re also positioned to outperform in the market. Now is the time to broaden your strategy to not only include internal organizational transformation, but also improve how you understand, engage with, and market to your customers. By leaning into data-backed insights, we work to infuse DEI principles across your customer engagement, product marketing, supplier relationships, and community outreach. Success lies not only in understanding and supporting your employees, but also in resonating with your diverse external stakeholders.

Our Approach to DEI Consulting

Market-Inclusive Strategies

Our approach centers on understanding the myriad of market voices. We tailor strategies specific to your business, ensuring they resonate with a diverse customer base, and expand their reach and influence.

Total Alignment

With a focus on leadership and stakeholder alignment, we foster external collaborations that amplify DEI impact and create broader business relations. This collaborative approach deepens trust among stakeholders and positions you at the forefront of inclusive industry practices.

Deep Industry Expertise

Our deep industry know-how allows us to craft DE+I solutions that resonate with your specific sector challenges, ensuring that you benefit from both time-tested and individually tailored strategies.

People-Focused, Data-Driven Insights

Our commitment to a data-driven approach ensures our DE+I recommendations are precise, actionable, and aimed at elevating marginalized voices, delivering measurable outcomes for your business.


With our deep industry expertise and an intentional focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we provide tailored strategies to your unique challenges. Our approach cultivates inclusivity in the workplace, expands your market reach, enhances brand reputation, and strengthens community relations.

Supplier Diversity

Diversifying your supplier base is more than just a tick-box exercise, it’s a pathway to innovation and resilience. From identification to engagement, we will help you cultivate meaningful partnerships, differentiate your supply chain, and enrich your product line.

Inclusive Product Design

Designing successful products starts with a comprehensive understanding of a diverse array of user needs coupled with deep industry knowledge. By emphasizing inclusivity, we collaborate with you and leverage the voice of the customer in developing offerings that not only meet functionality standards, but also resonate with users across various backgrounds and lifestyles.

Multicultural Marketing Strategy

Marketing in a multicultural world requires a nuanced understanding of a diverse audience. Our approach brings cultural intricacies to the forefront, allowing your brand to craft messages that resonate deeply, build trust, and ensure long-term customer engagement.

Post-Merger Integration

In post-merger scenarios, aligning DEI practices is important for a smooth transition. Our services help integrate these practices, ensuring both entities share a strengthened inclusive framework. This approach not only promotes a smooth transition but also positions your organization for enhanced collaborative strength and market relevance.

DEI Reporting and Analytics

Making sustainable change when it comes to DEI in your organization requires a data-driven, people-focused approach. It’s also an imperative to measure and manage your progress over time. Our approach focuses on asking the right questions and collecting the right data to elicit actionable change using our proprietary tools in combination with tools that your organizational may already leverage.

Coaching and Strategic Advisory

Sustainable DEI programs require structural change across your organization. Whether it is policies, programs, or practices, we take a data-driven, people-focused approach to drive impact. Leveraging experience in organizational change management and organizational psychology to develop custom strategies and initiatives to help achieve your business’ DEI goals and support you along the way.

Explore our Innovative, Action-Based Diversity Trainings

Focus less on “check the box” compliance training and more on leveraging information, discussion, engagement, and action to drive change. Our unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, allyship, and inclusive language workshops are catalysts for increasing awareness, engagement, and understanding.

More On Our DEI Trainings

Learn About Our Health Equity Services

Our health equity services allow biotech, biopharma, pharma, cell therapy, rare disease, and medical device companies to derive greater value from their clinical trials. We partner together to develop equitable clinical trials, reduce inequities, build patient trust, address health disparities, improve DEI strategies, and increase organizational visibility.

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DEI Experts

Sara Morris

Senior Visual Branding, Communications, and UI/UX Design Consultant

PK Sundar

Diversity Council Chair, Senior Sales Enablement Specialist

We’re committed to helping our clients better embrace diversity, achieve more equitable outcomes, and create a more inclusive culture.

Whether it be our advisory, survey and analytics platform, trainings, or workshops, the time is now to take action in establishing and achieving your DEI goals.


What Our Clients Say

Clarkston Consulting

Senior Director

Consumer Products Company

“Clarkston was great to partner with. They were inclusive on every level, including the resource selection process. They were transparent about the expertise of each person, and happy to provide extra coaching when needed to the team regularly.”

Clarkston Consulting

Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Manager

Luxury Retailer

“I first reached out to [Clarkston] to assist with our Global DE+I plans. [The Clarkston Team] quickly became an extension of our team. Their consistency and commitment to our success was the driving force behind the completion of the project… The end project was far beyond our expectations of ours. In addition to the communications plan, the teams stepped in and consistently offered support to this team of “one” I will forever be grateful for the work that we did together, and the lasting relationships formed.”

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