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Implementing WalkMe to Increase User Adoption for a Biopharmaceutical Manufacturer

In this case study, read about Clarkston’s work implementing WalkMe to increase user adoption for a biopharmaceutical manufacturer. Read a synopsis of the project below or download the full case study.

Download the Implementing WalkMe to Increase User Adoption Case Study Here

Implementing a new technology is not always an easy task, and while the main focus of the implementation is around the technical and functional aspects of the implementation, you cannot forget the end users. A robust organizational change management and user adoption plan is a crucial piece of an implementation.   

Many companies realize the benefits of subsidizing trainings and job aids with technologies that drive user adoption. WalkMe, acquired by SAP in 2024, is a digital adoption platform that overlays any application, offering personalized guidance and automation to help users complete their daily tasks efficiently. This out-of-the-box (OOTB) solution is not only easy to learn and implement, but its real value comes from the ability to customize its design.  

Clarkston Consulting was sought after to implement WalkMe alongside a new system rollout for a biopharmaceutical client. To keep up with the user interface (UI) updates for a previously implemented system, the client was required to invest cost and time into updating screenshot-driven business supporting documents, such as Work Instructions and Job Aids, as well as reissue trainings. In efforts to reduce spending, the client decided to go digital with a modern-day technology solution – WalkMe.  

Clarkston created custom solutions to guide users step-by-step through the required actions to complete tasks. Creating a variety of avenues to reach the users, such as allowing the user to elect into help through a menu, displaying shortcut buttons that appear on specific pages at a specific time, or outright making the selection for the user, WalkMe was able to support the user at just the right time. By enlisting Clarkston’s support, the client was able to minimize the creation of Work Instructions and other business documents, decrease instructor-led training, reduce support tickets, increase “right-first-time” execution, and maximize user adoption and satisfaction with the newly implemented system. 

At Clarkston Consulting, we optimize our solutions by taking the time to understand our client’s pain points, needs, and future goals. By tailoring WalkMe to each unique scenario, we ensure that the solutions are both effective and user-friendly. Our aim is to balance the level of intrusiveness—preventing incorrect actions without overwhelming users with excessive pop-ups or page crowding—thus providing the perfect just-in-time help.

Download the Implementing WalkMe to Increase User Adoption case study, and learn more about our Organizational Change Management Consulting Services by contacting us below. 

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