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Optimizing End-User Training with SAP Enable Now

The 2024 Sapphire and ASUG Annual Conference is right around the corner. Are you attending this year? If so, let us know – we’d love to see you there. If not, our team will be there to tune in to the latest discussions and trends impacting the SAP landscape. You can also sign up here for early access to the Sapphire recap. In this article, we delve into optimizing end-user training with SAP Enable Now, whether you’re guiding new users or seasoned SAP experts, and further explore its key benefits and features. 

Technology used for training and organizational change management plays a pivotal role in determining its effectiveness in transitioning end-users to a new system. One powerful option currently available for SAP and non-SAP systems is SAP Enable Now, a comprehensive platform for training and content authoring, sharing, and management. This tool, developed by SAP, is versatile, sustainable, and able to deliver personalized learning experiences to a range of end users.

End-User Training with SAP Enable Now: Key Benefits and Features 

Versatility at its Core 

SAP Enable Now is packed with features that make it an incredibly versatile tool. Its versatility is in its ability to accommodate various learning styles and preferences, offering modes such as Demo, Practice, and Test Mode, alongside quizzes and downloadable guides. In Demo Mode, users are guided through the steps and clicks necessary to complete a specific SAP transaction via a video demonstration. Practice Mode and Test Mode walk users through the same series of steps and clicks, but with users actively performing the actions rather than passively watching a demo. Various downloadable user guides and job aids can be generated from the same simulation recording. These can be shared easily with users for quick reference, and quizzes can be generated using the simulation content for users to check their understanding.  

The multiple outputs that can be produced from a single simulation recording make it easy to cater to the learning styles of different users. There are options available for those who learn better by doing and those who prefer learning visually. For example, running through a demo is beneficial to show in a live training session; meanwhile, the PDF guides are useful for sharing out after the session. Plus, SAP Enable Now isn’t limited to demonstrating SAP transactions alone; it can also record training simulations for other platforms like Excel, broadening its utility across different training contexts and supporting end-to-end business process training 

Tailored to Your Needs 

Customization can be used to tailor the user experience in SAP Enable Now. Training content can match not only the brand’s physical appearance and brand guidelines but also utilize formats that cater to the preferred learning styles of end users. Leveraging SAP Enable Now’s features to align with a brand’s logos, colors, and fonts can increase buy-in from end users. The use of templates and book pages (landing pages or tables of contents for a course) also maintains consistency across the different training materials.  

SAP Enable Now allows the ability to customize the settings to match the organization’s industry’s needs and the culture of the company using it. For example, retail and consumer product brands may favor a demo and practice mode that guides users through SAP transactions in a casual manner with helpful hints and themed demos tailored to their brand to enhance user engagement. Alternatively, life sciences brands may prioritize the Test mode, featuring a stringent scoring system that ensures the understanding of end users with straightforward assessments. SAP Enable Now can be personalized in various ways to maximize its effectiveness toward end users across any industry. 

Built for Long-term Sustainability 

SAP Enable Now is useful during the crucial stages of a new system implementation; but it’s a tool designed for long-term sustainability. During initial training phases, training content can be sent to business users who are testing the system before a Go-Live, enabling them to accurately follow test scripts and become familiar with the system. Additionally, SAP Enable Now’s use extends far beyond the initial implementation phase as it continues to provide end-users training content long after a system has gone live.  

“Learner View” is a type of SAP Enable Now account for an end user that allows them access to a library of all the published training content to be referenced at any time. In scenarios where an end user may not need to perform a specific transaction in SAP until months after the initial training, we’ve seen there’s value in encouraging these users to revisit the recordings and PDF guides to ensure that the knowledge is retained by end users. 

Getting Started with SAP Enable Now  

Clarkston recognizes the importance of highlighting the advantages and key features of SAP Enable Now. Our experience has been that this tool is underutilized because people are not aware of its potential to significantly enhance the learning process of SAP users. SAP Enable Now empowers trainers to develop tailored experiences through its ability to cater to diverse learning styles, offer various visual preferences and settings, and facilitate long-term content retention among end users. 

If you’re interested in learning more about SAP Enable Now or how to get started or how to better optimize to be a long-term asset to your organization, connect with one of our SAP experts today. 


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