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Caitlin Pardo

Caitlin Pardo

Associate Partner
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In her role as an associate partner at Clarkston Consulting, Caitlin Pardo collaborates with clients, industry experts, and analysts to understand the challenges that client’s face in the life sciences, consumer products, and retail industries. Most often, Caitlin supports clients in identifying and managing strategic, operational, and complex technology initiatives.

Helping to lead Clarkston’s New England and Boston-based consulting projects, Caitlin has a desire for helping companies grow through business transformations. Caitlin has partnered with companies in the biotech, pharma, CRO, consumer healthcare, retail, and distribution industries to address complex business challenges in the areas of salesforce transformation, sales and marketing processes, project management, supply chain planning, retail data strategy, international expansion efforts, cross-functional process design, and complex technology implementations. Prior to Caitlin’s role as associate partner, she was the director of sales enablement, supporting clients in identifying and planning key strategic initiatives.

Caitlin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Babson College, in Massachusetts, with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.