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Private Equity Consulting

Our private equity consulting experts are prepared to help you and your portfolio companies achieve enhanced investment returns and achieve better operational performance.

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We partner with private equity to maximize returns.

Our team offers a comprehensive set of services designed to enhance performance, profitability, and market adaptability of portfolio companies in Clarkston’s focus verticals.

M&A Lifecycle Support

  • Enhance M&A strategy
  • Accelerate target screening
  • Conduct commercial, operational, and scientific diligence
  • Lead holistic integration planning
  • Exit strategies & divestiture preparation
  • Realize investment thesis opportunities

Strategic Growth for PortCos

  • Identify growth opportunities
  • Enhance price, volume, and mix
  • Conduct marketing & brand planning
  • Optimize partner spend
  • Improve customer success & channel strategies

Operational Improvement for PortCos

  • Drive performance improvement to enhance profitability
  • Enhance operations planning & inventory management
  • Optimize inventory and lower working capital requirements
  • Improve global supply chains
  • Manage complex change
  • Improve technology & automation


Clarkston Consulting leverages decades of experience in life sciences, consumer products, and retail consulting to remove barriers for leading companies in all industry sectors. We help our private equity clients create sector-specific strategies around industry trends and insights, while advising on industry standards, processes, and technologies. Industry knowledge is key to portfolio management, so this approach allows us to uniquely source opportunities, conduct effective due diligence,  and win deals that build value. Our private equity consulting services span the following sectors:

Private Equity Consulting Services

Clarkston’s consultants have deep industry expertise and hands-on experience which allows for the quicker development of hypotheses to refine investment theses for private equity firms. Our decades long work in supply chain, quality + compliance, sales + marketing, digital + technology and our sharpened focus across a variety of industry sectors positions us with the right experience needed for discovering the best deals for your specific needs. We support our clients through M&A strategy, data + analyticsinnovation, people + change and the below core private equity services.

Market Opportunity Assessment

Whether you are evaluating the sector to build your strategy or evaluating the market for your portfolio companies, our consultants take a holistic approach assessing the size, strength, competition, growth potential, and trends within the market.

Deal Finding

Our industry experts can help your company find hidden gems with innovative lenses. Bring breakthrough deals to the table through robust market research, target screening, advanced technology, and analysis.

Value Realization

Outline a clear path to achieving success with your new portfolio company, and reach your full potential by improving operational and growth strategies.

Deal-Exiting Support

A well thought-out exit plan helps new deals proceed in a more orderly manner and can add overall value. Careful planning for the next steps is critical to maximize your investment.

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Develop a sector strategy that enhances your investment capabilities, accelerates deal flow, and maximizes your portfolio, no matter the shifting industry dynamics.

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Clarkston understands the customer and adapts to their needs, rather than offering a one size fits all approach.

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