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Strategic Advisory

Taking into account your organization’s individual qualities, Clarkston takes a specialized and unique approach to strategy. We partner to help you transform in a holistic way that’s sustainable and scalable for ongoing change. To do that, we leverage a tailored mix of growth strategies, long-range planning, and help you articulate your organizational ambition so it’s primed for successful execution. With differentiated industry and functional leadership, Clarkston helps you create a plan aligned to your organizational objectives, both near- and long-term.

Good business strategy requires focus, determination, resolve, and drive.

In recent years the failure rate of large-scale transformation programs is reportedly around 70%. But, because there is more disruption than ever before in the marketplace, the ability to change effectively is more critical than ever. Shifting the organizational mindset to understand the breadth of change required to meet transformation goals is fundamental to the overall and long-term success of your organization. Change is not a one-time event, it’s ongoing.


Strategy Development

Sustainable transformations require significant amounts of time, patience, energy, and incredible degrees of persistence and resilience. But transformations also require an actionable and focused “north star” to guide your organization. Clarkston’s proven enterprise destination mapping (EDM) methodology helps articulate your vision, guiding principles, and strategic imperatives to form an actionable roadmap primed for execution.

  • Strategy Design (Corporate/Business Unit/Product)
  • Vision, Guiding Principles, and Strategic Imperatives
  • Goals and KPIs/Metrics
  • Short- and Long-Term Roadmaps for Execution
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy Development
  • Turnaround Plans for Board of Directors Approval

Long Range Planning

Effective long range planning requires careful coordination of organizational stakeholders, a transformation mindset, and deep industry expertise to drive capability-forward and market-back strategic plans. Clarkston partners with executive leadership teams to create a long range plan that takes into account the unique nuances, capabilities, and opportunities for your business.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • Cross-Functional Strategy Plan Development
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Growth and Cost Reduction

Growth Strategies

Effective growth in the modern business landscape requires a holistic view of market dynamics, organizational culture, actionable data and analytics, and human capital  management. The path to growth is no longer linear and continues to change more rapidly and in more volatile ways. Clarkston’s strategic advisory consultants partner with you to enable a path to growth for your business.

  • New Market Entry and Global Expansion
  • Competitor Analysis and White Space Identification
  • Business Model Redesign
  • Asset Efficiency
  • Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy
  • Consumer-Driven Innovation
  • Channel Strategy

What Our Clients Say

Chief Financial Officer

Global Beverage Company

“I was impressed with the flexibility and hands-on approach – a key differentiating factor for Clarkston.”

By partnering with our clients, Clarkston Consulting will help you incorporate innovative ideas into your business strategy and will provide the roadmap to help you reach your enterprise destination. To learn more about our Strategic Advisory methodology, please contact Sebastian Valencia.

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