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Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting

Our M&A consulting teams help our clients in Private Equity and Corporate Strategy maximize their profitability and increase the likelihood of deal success. Clarkston works with clients to overcome increasing rates of failure in M&A through precise, industry-centric due diligence and M&A advisory services. As your partner, we assist your organization in identifying, selecting, and integrating acquisitions for seamless, enduring value.

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Industry Experts for Due Diligence Consulting

Successful due diligence efforts require the right combination of expertise, flexibility, and analysis to evaluate deal targets. With Clarkston, you will partner with seasoned due diligence consultants, along with our network of industry consulting experts when and where you need them during the due diligence process. Our commercial due diligence consultants can help uncover crucial risks and overwhelming challenges that lay hidden behind financial analysis. We work with corporate strategy teams and private equity firms to compliment your due diligence team and bring the industry and functional experts to make sure your deals can live up to their potential. Read more about Deal Acceleration through Industry Expertise in the commercial due diligence process.

Industry Expertise

Our deal advisory services provide industry-specific expertise for Life Sciences, Consumer Products, and Retail companies based on our consultants’ deep understanding of the key markers of success or failure for merger, acquisition, or divestiture deals and transactions.

Biotechnology consulting

Life Sciences

Pharma, Medical Device, Biotech, Generics, Contract Manufacturing, Wholesale and Distribution, Cell and Gene Therapy…

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eCommerce Trends

Consumer Products

Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Food, Beverage, Wine and Spirits, Beauty, Personal Care, Consumer Health, Wholesale and Distribution…

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luxury retail consulting


Specialty Retail, Grocery, Grocery Co-Op Retail, Apparel, Footwear, eCommerce, Convenience, Mass Merchant, Drug, Club, Luxury Retail…

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At Clarkston Consulting, our M&A consulting and advisory services incorporate our deep industry expertise into your pre-deal activities, like the target search, due diligence process, market analysis, deal negotiation, and TSA. Clarkston’s solutions can help you make sure all critical markers of success and failure are included in your mergers and acquisition processes and ensure you have the highest chance of achieving a successful deal for your shareholders.

Deal Finding

Industry experts can help your company find hidden gems with newer and innovative lenses that could bring breakthrough deals to the table by:

  • Applying AI to deal search and targeting, and increase your organization’s spectrum of search
  • Utilize different and innovative search filters to derive new potential targets and search uncommon platforms to uncover potential risks
  • Robust market research and analysis capabilities

Due Diligence Consulting

Clarkston’s strategy and due diligence consultants bolster your ability to spot risks and critical failure points. Having industry experts in your deal team allows for independent evaluations across functions including strategy, commercial, operations, and IT, ensuring there is enough information on critical items to structure the deal the right way.

  • Independent industry and sub-industry experts bring functional experience to complement financial analysis
  • Commercial due diligence to refine market position and investment theses
  • Create a realistic yet pragmatic Transitional Services Agreement (TSA)
  • An industry focused analysis ensures you negotiate a fair deal price and avoid unnecessary costs and painful challenges downstream during the integration

Post-Merger Integration

Clarkston’s Post-Merger Integration experts can help you establish a successful Integration Management Office (IMO) and develop and execute a disciplined approach to integrating systems, processes, and operating models to keep in focus value-drivers behind the M&A deal.

  • Establish an IMO to ensure execution and full integration is reached while balancing trade-offs, yet still hitting the strategic pillars of the deal. This includes strategy, IT, supply chain, commercialization, and quality and regulatory.
  • Develop an ambitious yet realistic integration roadmap, including a plan to manage risks and interdependencies. Leverage industry expertise to strategically craft the roadmap with a focus on priority initiatives to accelerate the transition.
  • Lead the execution of the integration roadmap including program management and change management of initiatives across technology integration, process harmonization, and operating model design.

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Life Sciences Company

Clarkston stays steps ahead. They help us anticipate and be as proactive and strategic as possible.

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M&A doesn’t have to be a risky endeavor for your organization. De-risk your deal making process by bringing M&A consulting partners with a different perspective. Whether you are a serial acquirer or a sporadic deal maker, M&A is difficult. Augment your capabilities, increase your likelihood of success and achieve synergies stated in the deal by including independent industry functional experts on your team that can provide real life advisory from the early stages of the deal all the way through due diligence, integration, and value generation and change your M&A game.

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