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Leading a CPG Firm Through a Complex Acquisition Integration

Contributors: Evan Shirley

We recently partnered with a leading consumer products manufacturer focused on household products on a complex acquisition integration. Successful acquisition and integration of new businesses is a key lever that this client uses to drive growth and total shareholder return, and they had completed more than 10 acquisitions of businesses with more than $100M in revenue in the last fifteen years.  

Due to a series of key departures in integration leadership, the company found itself without an integration management office just as the next deal in the consumer healthcare space was beginning to close. Calling on a 10+ relationship with Clarkston, the client engaged our team to lead the integration of this business and organize 100+ employees in all functions to complete it. 

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Clarkston began by leading the integration planning process, facilitating workshops with senior leadership to design the business model of the fully integrated business and then organizing more than a hundred employees to define the implication of those designs for their function and teams and begin the integration. 

Clarkston led the integration management office orchestrating workstreams across sales, marketing, marketing, manufacturing, supply chain, R&D, finance, accounting, HR, legal, and IT all working in concert with one another. In this capacity, Clarkston ensured successful integration within each function, supported problem solving for complex multi-faceted problems that arose during integration, and led executive team reporting for integration progress.  

As a result, the client was able to realize and exceed their goals around revenue incrementality, NPS accretion, and synergy realization. Several clients credited Clarkston was providing the framework and leadership that made this the easiest and most successful integration in the last several years.

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