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Data + Analytics Consulting

Our data and analytics consulting team guides our clients to action by providing strategy, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation tools to drive your company to discover new opportunities.

Data + Analytics Consulting

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Industry-Specific Data and Analytics Solutions

Our Data + Analytics consulting team provides industry-specific solutions for our clients in the retail, pharmaceutical, and consumer products industries. Learn more about our industry specific offerings below.

Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics Use Cases: Our analytics consultants help our retail clients to action by providing strategies for data and analytics, business intelligence, advanced analytics, and automation tools to drive your company to discover new opportunities. From store and workforce insights to pricing and promotion optimization, our retail analytics team can help you optimize your business.

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Pharmaceutical Analytics

Clarkston’s HCP 360 Insight to Action Platform: HCP 360 is an advanced analytical solution that takes insights and turns them into value-driving engagement strategies with your healthcare providers. HCP 360 consolidates large volumes of highly connected commercial operations data into one platform, and gets insights into the hands of your leaders within sales, marketing, medical affairs, and commercial operations.

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Consumer Products Analytics

Trade Promotion Analytics: Our data and analytics consulting team works with our trade promotion experts to help consumer products companies address many of the challenges they face related to trade fund spending and deductions. Consumer products companies have a significant opportunity to leverage trade promotion management into trade promotion optimization with data, analytics, and insights.

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Data & Analytics Experts

Maggie Seeds | RapidMiner Consulting

Maggie Seeds

Data Scientist and Analytics Lead

Maggie is a practice lead for the Insights to Actions team, providing guidance to organizations that are ready to discover better insights from their data. She is passionate that companies can do impactful analytics at any stage of data maturity, using more traditional statistical approaches or machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Life Sciences Consulting Partner Allyson Hein

Traigh Groover

Data + Analytics Practice Leader

Traigh Groover is a partner and a leader of Clarkston’s Data + Analytics practice. In this capacity, Traigh leads the team of data scientists, data engineers, and visualization experts to support our clients in life sciences, consumer products, and retail with their data and analytics needs. For over 25 years, Traigh has worked with clients to help them discover and deliver effective, efficient, and creative solutions for their challenges.

Elise Watson

Elise Watson

Insights to Action Service Lead

Elise is a service lead and delivery manager for Clarkston’s Insights to Actions team with a background in mathematics and machine learning. She uses her hands on technical experience to guide clients in advancing their analytics maturity and establish formalized processes around getting a solution to production.



Clarkston’s Analytics Activation Webinar Recap

It is important to understand a few things to set the scene of the Activation journey:

  1. Digital transformation can’t happen without Data + Analytics
  2. These capabilities don’t develop overnight
  3. Unicorns are hard to come by
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