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Data Migration Consulting

Our data migration consultants enable effective movement of your data between systems and processes through a secure approach.

Changing systems can be daunting. Our data migration consultants can help.

Changing enterprise systems can create a sizeable impact on your business and daily operations. When moving from a legacy system to the cloud or another new platform, effective data migration is imperative to maintain productivity and reap the rewards of a new system. Our data migration consulting team understands the importance of maintaining the accuracy, quality, and security of your business data during a move.


As you move along your digital transformation journey, data migration is necessary to grow your business capabilities in new technology. Our data migration experts are equipped to guide you through any aspect of your data migration process from strategy and planning to full execution, support, and change management. Because we understand the challenges of operating in fast-paced data-driven industries, we prioritize minimizing disruption and downtime with your data during a migration.

Strategy and Process Design

Assess and define the technologies, processes, and outcomes of the data migration initiative.

  • Environmental audit of data landscape
  • Map source system to document requirements, processes, and stipulations of data to be migrated
  • Design management strategy for stakeholders and end-users affected by migration
  • Identify project roadmap, timeline, required skills, risks, and budget
  • Define data design and change management requirements for new platform or integration

Data Migration Tools and Execution

Clarkston’s data migration consultants work to ensure the security, accuracy, and accessibility of your data throughout migration.

  • Build data structure in target system
  • Analyze and cleanse source system data
  • Extract and transform data to meet the needs of the target system
  • Verify to ensure accuracy and compatibility
  • Load data into target system and test
  • Run tested data in production environment

Training and Optimization

We work to ensure a smooth transition of data into the hands of your people post-migration.

  • Assessment of IT infrastructure gaps and opportunities
  • Training of end-users and management
  • Provide tools and hypercare support for data management in target system
  • Ongoing system audits to ensure optimization

What Our Clients Say

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Program Manager

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They have the expertise, and they are fun to work with. They also deliver on time.

Your data is your most valuable asset. You deserve a trusted data migration consulting partner.

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