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Data Strategy and Governance

Our data governance and data strategy consulting team can help you define logical ownership and processes for your data.

Spend more time achieving better results, rather than questioning the validity of data.

The opportunity for companies to leverage an increased volume of data for impactful business intelligence and improved business performance is nearly limitless. Unfortunately, the potential for the same data to cause inefficiencies and undue costs to your organization is a more common problem since many companies lack an overarching data strategy aligned to their business objectives. Very often, business leaders don’t know what data to trust and spend more time questioning the validity of the data than working together to achieve better results.


As we move forward into a business environment where your success depends on your ability to confidently, quickly, and efficiently leverage your data for a myriad of purposes, it’s more critical than ever that you establish a system for data governance. It’s more than just having the right technology – data governance depends on a symbiotic relationship across business strategy, technology systems, processes, and user training to ensure sustainable success.

Data Governance

Apply a proven methodology to understand and establish data governance oversight within the organization.

  • Data Governance Assessment
  • Organizational Setup
  • Data Stewardship and Training

Data Processes and Procedures

Clarkston can help you build an infrastructure to optimize your analytics processes and tools and deliver optimal data assets to the organization.

  • Master Data Management
  • Define Data Processes
  • Conduct Data Quality and Audits
  • Analyze Data Compliance and Security
  • COBIT Governance Models and Audits

Data Architecture and Systems Integration

Build a foundation for your data assets to enable your information strategy.

  • Data Storage – Big Data / Cloud
  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Engineering Tools and Execution
  • System Architecture Design

What Our Clients Say

Vice President of IT Governance

Global Spirits Company

In addition to bringing industry best practice, Clarkston’s level of understanding of our organization and culture is outstanding.

How do you know if you have a data governance issue? Sometimes it is not easy to tell.

Contact Clarkston’s Data + Analytics team today for a free quote on a data governance assessment.

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