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Data Governance Strategy & Implementation

Clarkston recently partnered with a top wine and spirits company to execute their data governance strategy by supporting the creation of their North America Data Excellence Shared Services (NADESS) team and their Data Governance Council (DGC) — the focus being to create a framework ensuring data management excellence across their North American business. The Company promotes many brands and collaborates with both distributors and customers; as they continue to innovate, they rely more on complex data to make important business decisions. 

Since this industry is highly regulated and relies on many sources of external data, the company is challenged to have data flow efficiently. The client receives data from several internal and external sources, making it critical to implement strong and effective data quality practices.  

A few years prior, Clarkston conducted a data capability assessment, which highlighted that if the Company desired a data-driven culture and ability to make strategic decisions based on data insights, then they needed to invest in process, people, and technology to allow for real-time data capabilities. The first recommendation was the creation of a data management structure and dedicated resources. Upon the hiring of a new North American Data Excellence Leader, Clarkston was engaged to assist with building out the team structure, processes, and charter. 

Download the Full Data Governance Strategy + Implementation Case Study Here

The DGC, in conjunction with NADESS, was created to implement the data strategy, policies, and framework for all functions to follow. The DGC includes cross-functional representatives from across the company and various levels of management. Council cadence meetings have provided an outlet for data stewards to ask for assistance and create momentum around one source of reliable and trusted data. Together NADESS and the DGC have generated short- and long-term goals and continue to provide robust data for the company to support decision making and transformational projects.  

Developing standardized documentation for data sources has been key in creating a foundation for data owners. This has helped to maintain updated processes, adapt to the introduction of new technologies, and improve knowledge sharing. Additionally, meeting with stakeholders to better understand their responsibilities and procedures has assisted with creating detailed end-to-end process documentation.  

The client has enlisted Clarkston to ensure the momentum of NADESS and the DGC across the organization. The education and communication plan will assist with the continued growth of the data stewards and allow for future functions to be brought into scope. We also continue to assist them in developing consistent shared objectives and coordinated knowledge sharing opportunities.  

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