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Corporate Training

Clarkston Consulting works with clients to identify and connect the value of training to the individual, the role, and to the organization – done so by using different modalities of learning (face-to-face, virtual, action-based learning, and more) to create an engaging and effective learning experience in a sustainable model.


Transform how your team thinks.

We work with your team to identify the specific business objectives impacted by corporate training, and track its progress throughout the learning experience and thereafter. We understand that different organizations and individuals respond to varying learning approaches, hence, we make the effort to understand and tailor the strategies and methods to the unique needs of your learners.

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) has awarded Clarkston Consulting status as an Accredited Provider of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). For more information, please visit the IACET website.

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Corporate Training with Clarkston

Core Training Classes

Functionally Aligned Courses

Leadership Experience

A year-long program designed to promote and accelerate the growth of professionals who are currently demonstrating the highest leadership potential. This blended learning program includes participant-led discussions, expert lectures, external training, self-study, and action-based learning (ABL) activities.

Managing People & Projects

A three-day course on people and project management. This program includes coaching on leadership while managing different personality styles, leading cross-functional teams, relationship development, controlling scope, risk, issue management, and more.

Facilitating Effective Workshops

A one-day course on the approach for designing effective meetings and workshops and enhancing core facilitation skills and the ability to manage conflicts.

Business Process Analysis

A one-day course on mapping business processes, assess the quality of those processes, and identifying areas for improvement.

Strategic Thinking

A one-day course on Clarkston’s Strategic Innovation framework to help teams identify strategic innovation challenges, uncover breakthrough ideas, and prime the organization to succeed.

Committed Actions

Marry intention to action with personal commitments from each attendee.

Make intentional actions to ensure diversity on project teams and trusted circles.

Commit to creating a culture where people don’t feel pressured to conformity on the team.

Feel more comfortable challenging others and questioning the status quo.

Promote the training seminar takeaways to all team members in the office.

Break down past negative experiences in order to have a fresh perspective and be more open.

Create a more diverse network of mentors and mentees.

Corporate Training Seminars

corporate training with clarkston
corporate training with clarkston
corporate training with clarkston
corporate training with clarkston
corporate training with clarkston
corporate training with clarkston