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Improving Point of Sale Transaction Time Using Data Analytics 

In today’s consumer landscape, businesses are leveraging data and analytics to meet expectations in all aspects of the consumer experience, from the product portfolio to the point of sale transaction. Now, consumer products companies are putting themselves in their customer’s shoes to identify pain points and areas of improvement to deliver a holistic shopping experience that’s simple and painless.  

With heavy industry competition and decreased barriers to entry for start-ups and online pure plays, this worldwide brand was proactive in modernizing and improving their consumers’ experience in order to manage risks to market share and profitability.   

This leading global beauty manufacturer and retailer engaged Clarkston to use advanced analytics to examine, evaluate, and provide recommendations using point of sale data. The client recognized opportunities for improving transaction times and store performance, which would in turn lead to an enhanced customer experience.

Download the Full Case Study Here

To achieve these objectives, Clarkston partnered closely with the client to create a data science solution to:  

  • identify high-value use cases for the point of sale data and resulting analytics, 
  • implement Splunk, a web-based portal to search, monitor, analyze, and visualize machine-generated data,  
  • develop algorithms, reports, alerts, dashboards, and other data visualizations to enable rapid, data-backed decision-making, and 
  • automate and optimize data inputs to ensure sustainable, long-term success in analytics initiatives.

Through this project, the client is now able to quickly utilize advanced data science leveraging automated data inputs from event logs, point of sale transaction logs, mobile device channels, integration zones, server load, and enterprise systems to improve customer experience and enhance value across distribution channels. For example, as a result of this initiative, the client was able to reduce check-out transaction times by 70% across 500 stores by improving visibility to granular transaction events and identifying points of latency. Using that information, the client was able to eliminate the unnecessary code impacting transaction times.  

To learn more about how Clarkston helped this global beauty manufacturer leverage data and analytics to decrease point of sale transaction time, access the case study here. If you’d like to learn how Clarkston can help you leverage your data to drive improvements in customer experience, operations, strategic decision-making, and more, contact us today.

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