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HCP Insights into Actions

In the last thirty years, unprecedented changes in markets and technologies have forced even the best-positioned companies to take a fresh look at their competitive landscape and their strategies for communicating with providers.

81% of physicians who participated in an August 2021 survey said they prefer to use a hybrid of in-person and virtual meetings to engage with medtech sales representatives.

A new industry trend has shown face-to-face communication with HCPs has increased since the beginning of the pandemic. In-person meetings or hybrids of in-person and virtual meetings with HCPs has stabilized and the majority of providers prefer maintaining a traditional in-person communication method. As in-person meetings with sales representatives have increased since 2020, it is important to engage relevant HCPs, strategically address competitors, and optimize messaging formats to maximize the benefit of this hybrid approach.


Clarkston’s HCP 360 Insights to Actions Platform connects commercial operations data into one platform, and gets insights into the hands of your leaders within sales, marketing, medical affairs, and commercial operations, to make better decisions.

Finding the most relevant and highest influencing HCPs and resonating messaging for these individuals is a critical component to drug adoption.

  • Identify Journal and Presentation Trends
  • Tailor Content and Channels
  • Engage Up and Coming KOLs
  • Develop HCP Communities

Understanding the drivers of competitor drug adoptions is a fundamental first step to strategically addressing it.

  • Predicting Competitor Drug Adoption
  • Minimize Impact of Competitor Introduction
  • Integrate into New Markets

Leverage data-driven approaches to determine your approach to which messaging is appropriate for which segment of doctors.

  • Content Effectiveness Audit
  • Content Optimization
  • Channel Optimization
  • Advanced Analytics

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Webinar: Gain a 360 View of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) Using Analytics

  • HCP 360 is an advanced analytical solution that takes insights and turns them into value-driving engagement strategies with your Providers.
  • HCP 360 consolidates large volumes of highly connected commercial operations data into one platform, and gets insights into the hands of your leaders within sales, marketing, medical affairs, and commercial operations for clinical-stage, emerging, and commercial organizations.
  • We share how Clarkston is using advanced analytics techniques including knowledge graphs, natural language processing, and machine learning to explain and enhance your relationship with health care professionals.

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