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Exploring Next-Generation Point of Sale Solutions in Retail

In this eBook, we outline next-generation point of sale solutions for retailers, sharing how they can better serve customers’ demands for safety, speed, and convenience. Read an excerpt below or download the full eBook for free here.

Next Generation Point of Sale Solutions

A point of sale (POS) system efficiently manages business transactions between a customer and a seller, often involving the exchange of money for a good or service. With recent innovations, traditional POS systems involving clunky cash registers designed for cash payments have become increasingly unpopular.  

Businesses are moving on to the next generation of point of sale solutions in retail, which can do much more than just facilitate transactions. These new and improved POS systems can streamline the shopping experience, facilitate a wide variety of payment types, increase available inventory through omnichannel selling, create data-based solutions, and more. As POS systems continue to evolve, countless benefits are available to retailers, grocers, and convenience stores that will improve both the overall consumer and business experience.  

The need for speed and convenience, in addition to retail industry trends, are the driving forces behind the innovation in producing the next-generation POS systems. Innovative solutions, such as the ones below, introduce the future of POS systems and demonstrate how companies are meeting the needs of their customers. 

  • Grocery and Convenience StoresContactless POS for Touch-Free Transactions
  • Restaurants/HospitalitySelf-Service and Mobile Order
  • RetailCloud-based POS systems and Untraditional Paths and Payment 

Businesses need to invest in technology that allows their POS systems to be more than a simple transaction generator, but instead, a system that prioritizes data privacy and safety as well as meets customers’ needs for speed and convenience. A new generation of POS systems that facilitate simplicity in purchasing will be the future for online and brick-and-mortar retailers. For further guidance on next-generation POS systems or retail technology strategies, reach out to our retail team today. Curious about the future of POS solutions in retail? Download the free eBook below for more details.

Download the Next-Generation Point of Sale Solutions eBook Here


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