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Conducting an SAP and Point of Sale Integration Analysis for an Apparel Retailer

Clarkston recently partnered with a high-performance outdoor equipment retailer for an SAP and Point of Sale integration analysis and design project. The client has been engaged in a robust technology selection process identifying requirements and engaging in a vendor selection for an advanced POS solution to support their omnichannel requirements. As part of the final selection and approval process, our client required detailed analysis of the integration into their systems landscape and specifically what type of work would be required to support integration to their current S/4HANA platform. Clarkston was brought in to evaluate the current state and recommend, based on best-in-class practices, the appropriate landscape architecture to ensure the client would be able to achieve their strategic omnichannel requirements.   

Clarkston conducted a series of discovery sessions to gain a comprehensive view of the client’s current architecture.  Following standard omnichannel customer journeys, Clarkston was able to assess the risks and opportunities with the current structure. To thoroughly understand the future state, the Clarkston team analyzed the client’s POS requirements and documentation. The Clarkston team also conducted multiple workshops with the client as well as the POS solution provider. These sessions enabled Clarkston to fully understand both the client’s omnichannel vision and the POS provider’s scoped solution design and integration requirements.  

Download the SAP and Point of Sale Integration Analysis Case Study Here

Leveraging best-in-class practices and design principles, backed by Clarkston’s seasoned SAP subject matter expertise, Clarkston mapped the full integration landscape between the client’s and solution provider’s platforms.  During the design review sessions, Clarkston highlighted risks and opportunities to enable the client to best assess the feasibility of their approach.  Leveraging their SAP expertise, Clarkston assessed the complexity of each integration and recommended a detailed resource plan by functional area so the client would be able to accurately estimate costs for the final business case financials.    

Using the integration design, Clarkston developed a high-level timeline for the point-of-sale implementation project to achieve the client’s omnichannel goals with the recommended OMS strategy. The project plan incorporated the detailed resource model to best support the integration work and provided a realistic implementation plan for the project.   

Our client was able to leverage the detailed analysis, integration recommendations, and implementation plan to inform their business case. The strategy was approved by the Executive Steering Committee and resulted in the approved selection of the POS solution provider.   

Download the SAP and Point of Sale Integration Analysis case study here. Learn more about our SAP for Retail Consulting Services by contacting us below. 

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