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3 Key Tenets for Optimizing the Omnichannel Experience 

As the retail industry continues to evolve, one of the greatest challenges in creating an omnichannel experience is converting website visitors into loyal, returning customers. To ensure a seamless and consistent user experience throughout the customer journey, businesses must prioritize meeting customers’ needs and providing easy access to their brand at every touchpoint. When assessing any part of your omnichannel strategy, consider these three tenets for optimizing the omnichannel experience.

Optimizing the Omnichannel Experience

1. Deliver a Consistent Experience Across All Channels 

87% of shoppers believe brands need to work harder to provide seamless experiences across customer channels, further reinforcing demand for a strengthened omnichannel experience. Today’s shoppers are looking for the same look and feel and ease of use in their journey, regardless of whether they’re using your mobile app, website, or browsing a digital catalog adjacent to in-store fixtures. A poor experience in any channel can have negative impacts on the entire brand. In fact, a negative mobile experience can lead to a 40% likelihood of shoppers moving to a competitor. On the flip side, a positive omnichannel user experience can significantly boost customer satisfaction and retention, making it a critical selling point for modern retailers. 

Providing a seamless omnichannel experience can also give businesses a competitive advantage in brick-and-mortar stores, with 59% of shoppers using their mobile devices in-store to compare prices or research deals and coupons. By providing easy access to your brand across multiple channels, you create more opportunities for customers to interact with your brand, increasing the likelihood of them returning. 

2. Personalize the Shopper’s Experience 

With a growing number of shoppers making purchases through their mobile devices, retailers are concerned about delivering the same personalized experience that they would offer in-store. Personalization can solve this problem by using customer data to show dynamic content unique to each individual. In fact, 86% of shoppers admit that personalization plays a crucial role in their purchase decision. 

Amazon’s “Frequently Bought Together” feature is an excellent example of implementing personalization without requiring much data on the shopper. By showing other products that shoppers often purchased alongside the item they’re viewing, Amazon creates an experience similar to an end cap display in a store. Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools, like those that suggest complementary product recommendations, are now becoming a standard component of strong eCommerce products, making it easier than ever for brands to personalize their customer experience. 

3. Build a Strong Customer Loyalty Program 

Loyalty has evolved beyond a program based on price or the product itself to include the service and experience a company provides. A well-managed loyalty program can drive bottom line results, with 84% of consumers saying they’re more likely to return to a brand because of a strong loyalty program. The most common type of loyalty program for brands is a points-based approach. Successful loyalty programs, like DSW’s VIP Program or Sephora’s Beauty Insider Loyalty Program, rely on simplicity to bring customers coming back for more. A successful loyalty program will continuously entice customers back to your site and transform visitors from simply shoppers into brand advocates. The most effective loyalty programs have low barriers to entry, a great balance of experience and perks, and consistent communication that keeps customers informed without overwhelming them. 

The Omnichannel Experience is a Customer-Centric Experience 

Providing a superior omnichannel experience requires businesses to put the customer first. By prioritizing seamless experiences across channels, personalized shopping experiences, and strong loyalty programs, retailers can build customer loyalty and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. If you’re looking to optimize your omnichannel strategy and elevate your shoppers’ experience, connect with one of our retail experts today. 

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