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Payment Gateway Integration with SAP for a Multi-National Retail Network

This client is one of the world’s largest agricultural (ag) retailers with a network of over 2.000 retail locations in seven countries. The multi-national retail client was in the process of implementing an SAP solution to be used in their U.S. retail locations; as part of the pilot, the client was evaluating the design of a payment gateway integration and processor certification. The implementation team sought broader expertise around payment processor certification and integrated payment solution implementation. 

The client engaged Clarkston’s retail experts to advise on payment gateway integration with SAP, assisting the team as they completed design and prepared for the operationalization of integrated payment across their pilot stores. 

Download the Payment Gateway Integration with SAP Case Study Here

As a result, Clarkston completed a rapid assessment of the retail systems landscape, order capture solution overview, payment flow scenarios, and technical solution documentation. In addition, interviews were conducted to understand strengths and areas of opportunity to determine a priority of open gaps that needed to be addressed prior to fully scaling integrated payments. Clarkston conducted a post-mortem session to review prioritized recommendations across system integration, payment certification, hardware maintenance, and process documentation so that the client could maintain a scalable payment solution within the U.S. and globally in the future. 

Finally, Clarkston provided an integrated payment playbook for the client, which served as a foundation for creating future state processes, implementation and deployment timelines, and cross-functional resource involvement for retail payment systems. 

Download the Payment Gateway Integration with SAP case study here. Learn more about our Retail Consulting Services by contacting us below. 

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