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Point of Sale (POS) Solution Vendor Selection for a Footwear Retailer

Clarkston successfully completed a POS (Point of Sale) solution vendor selection for a large retail client. This client produces footwear for men, women, and children globally – with more than 1,000 stores within 16 countries. The company had seen rapid growth in revenue over the years, which meant their operational teams were focused on the task of managing that growth. This put them in a place where many of their systems were outdated, and much of their business and technical teams’ focus was on keeping the lights on rather than innovating and finding better ways to support their in-store teams and enhance the customer experience.   

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To be less antiquated, the client embarked on a digital transformation journey with the first stop being a POS overhaul. Clarkston was engaged to lead the vendor selection using our vendor selection methodology as a guide. The Clarkston team was pivotal in helping the client through defining business requirements; drafting a comprehensive RFI, RFP, and demo scripts that gave structure and uniformity to the selection process; and facilitating a collaborative environment to evaluate vendors and ensure the client selected the right POS solution for their store of the future.  

Through following Clarkston’s vendor selection methodology, the client was able to select a vendor that had deep retail knowledge coupled with a solution that modernized their store operations, enhanced customer experience, and made them better equipped to take on the digital world ahead of them.  

Download the full POS Solution Vendor Selection case study here, learn more about our Vendor Selection Advisory Services by contacting us below. 

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