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Breaking Down DE+I Myths: Is the Case for DE+I Investment Too Subjective?

As we get closer to the mid-year mark of 2024, many organizations are continuing to assess and re-assess their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) strategies and initiatives. In the shifting DE+I landscape of today, we find our clients are still navigating a number of myths or misconceptions about DE+I and determining how best to address them. As a result, we’ve created our Breaking Down DE+I Myths webinar series to provide some visibility and access into common conversations we’ve often having behind the scenes.  

In our four-part webinar series, our DE+I experts get together to have candid conversations about some of these most common misconceptions. From challenging the idea that HR presentations alone will solve your DE+I challenges to whether or not DE+I initiatives should be created solely by a DE+I team, our team shares their perspective on key DE+I lessons learned.  

Is the Case for DE+I Investment Too Subjective?

In early 2024, the governments of Alabama and Florida enacted legislation that prohibited their respective state public universities from utilizing state or federal funds for any Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) programs. This decision, steeped in political rhetoric, is emblematic of the fact that people are still confusing the true, core, tenets of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE+I) with the connotations that external powers assign to it. Consequently, the objective merits often get lost in this chaos. Such occurrences breed skepticism regarding the necessity of formal investments in DEI initiatives by organizations. 

So, how exactly do you address those skeptics in your organization and move forward with your DE+I investments and initiatives? 

In the fourth webinar of the series, DE+I consultants Eshan Kalarikkal and Courtnie Williamson take an analytical route to answering the question, “Is the case for DE+I investment too subjective?”.   

This webinar characterizes that skepticism in the form of a ‘Logical Skeptic’ and a ‘Hesitant Skeptic.’ In our experience, a ‘Logical Skeptic’ believes in the value of DE+I but needs data in order to frame a capital a capital expenditure request for any DE+I investment. A ‘Hesitant Skeptic’ on the other hand doesn’t believe DE+I has much of an organizational impact and sees it as more of a personal virtue.   

DE+I analysts have expressed these concerns themselves so don’t be worried if you find yourself in either group.  Join us as Eshan and Courtnie unpack those perspectives and offer insights on the best path forward. 

Watch the 17-Minute Webinar Here

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