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Breaking Down DE+I Myths: Should DEI Initiatives be Created by Your DEI Team?

As we jump into 2024, we know that many organizations are looking to make sure their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) strategies don’t fall to the wayside. In the shifting DE+I landscape of today, a discussion we’re often having with our clients is about the common misconceptions for businesses in the DE+I world, and how organizations can make sure to avoid them. We’ve created our Breaking Down DE+I Myths webinar series to hopefully give more visibility and access to common conversations we’ve often having behind the scenes. 

In our four-part webinar series, several of our DE+I experts get together to have candid data-driven conversations about some of the most common misconceptions we’re seeing as our clients navigate the DE+I space. From demystifying the idea that HR presentations alone will solve your DE+I challenges to breaking down the idea that the case for DE+I is too subjective, we hope to offer your organization an end-to-end overview of key DE+I lessons learned. 

Should DEI Initiatives Be Created by Your DEI Team?

This week, in our second webinar of our four-part series, DE+I consultants Brandon Miller and Ebony Forbes break down one of these common myths: “Should DEI Initiatives Be Created by Your DEI Team?”

While in our first webinar we discussed the potential pitfalls of putting the sole onus of DE+I on your HR team, we’ve also seen that for your organization to be successful, DE+I teams alone also can’t be the sole leaders of your DE+I program. It’s no secret that DE+I Initiatives often compete with other business priorities, and in 2024, more organizations than not lack a Chief Diversity Officer. In a time where we’ve seeing DE+I being deprioritized, how can you ensure your organization has long-term, sustainable DE+I success, and your whole strategy doesn’t fall on the shoulders of your DE+I team? 

In this 13-minute webinar, Brandon and Ebony first break down the myth that DE+I Initiatives should be created by your DE+I team alone, and then go through three actionable ways your organization can get started. 

The team also dives into a few potential ways that Clarkston might be able to partner with you to support your people analytics, or even your DE+I overall strategy. 

Watch the 13-Minute Webinar Here

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