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Breaking Down DE+I Myths: Can HR Presentations Solve DEI Challenges?

As Clarkston works alongside organizations who are looking to grow and evolve their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE+I) strategies, we often get into conversations with leaders and stakeholders about common myths and mistakes happening in the DE+I space, as well as how to navigate them. In response to these common questions, we’ve created a Breaking Down DE+I Myths webinar series. 

In this Breaking Down DE+I Myths webinar series, a group of our DE+I consultants team up to discuss some of the most common misconceptions we’re hearing from our clients as they navigate DE+I challenges in the workplace. From debunking the myth that meritocracy negates the need for DE+I strategy, to breaking down the idea that your DE+I plan should be created solely by the DE+I team, our goal is to provide a comprehensive overview of key DE+I learnings, focusing on what areas to consider when launching, developing, or designing a sustainable and impactful DE+I strategy.

Can HR Presentations Solve DE+I Challenges?  

In our first webinar, DE+I consultants PK Sundar and Sara Morris break down one of these common myths: “Can HR presentations solve DE+I challenges?”

Time and time again, we’ve seen organizations struggle that put the sole onus of leading and spearheading DE+I on HR teams. We know that for DE+I strategies to be successful, cross-functional alignment and coordination across the business is imperative. At the same time, we’ve also seen varying levels of effectiveness of DE+I trainings, with many organizations fearing these types of “check the box” activities. If from an organizational standpoint, Human Resources can’t do it alone, and DE+I trainings are just one piece of the puzzle, what are the next steps for organizations looking to build a sustainable, long-lasting DE+I strategy? 

In this 10-minute webinar, PK and Sara first break down the myth that HR presentations alone will solve DE+I challenges, then dive into what they’ve seen make an impact. PK and Sara present a few tangible quick wins for your organization to get started with and share potential ways that Clarkston might be able to partner with you to support your training and talent development goals, or even your DE+I overall strategy. 

Watch the 10-Minute Webinar Here


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