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Developing a Corporate DE+I Communications Plan for a Luxury Brand

Clarkston’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting Practice recently partnered with a global luxury brand to enhance their approach to internal communications relative to DEI. Download the full corporate DEI communications plan case study below to learn more or contact us to learn how Clarkston can partner with businesses like yours in the consumer products, retail, and life sciences industries. 

Recently, Clarkston’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE+I) team partnered with a global champagne, wine, and spirits company to develop a corporate DE+I communications plan, focusing on establishing communication processes, identifying target audiences, and defining roles and responsibilities amongst the global and regional teams. 

The client has had regional diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE+I) groups for several years but has only recently started to develop and grow their global DE+I team and objectives. This growth has emphasized the need for a global DE+I communication plan as well as alignment amongst key stakeholder groups. The client engaged Clarkston’s DE+I experts to assess the current state and create a sustainable global DE+I communications strategy to propel the organization forward. 

Download the Corporate DEI Communications Plan Case Study Here

To accomplish this, Clarkston first facilitated several key stakeholder interviews to gauge internal alignment and to determine their as-is processes for communication creation, approval, and distribution. Next, Clarkston created and distributed a global DE+I survey to a broader audience of employees across the globe. Using insights from both the interviews and surveys, the team then consolidated their findings to determine current pain points and future goals for the global DE+I team as well as employee preferences regarding channel, topic, cadence, and language. 

Clarkston then was able to create a communications plan inclusive of a communications operating model; cadence schedule by key stakeholder group; RACI (responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed) matrix; and a communications creation, approval, and publishing structure. Clarkston recommended both strategic and tactical next steps for the client to successfully execute on said plan and begin updating their processes. 

Through this strategic partnership, the client was able to learn about major gaps in their current communications process, understand how to sustainably align and execute communications with key stakeholder groups, and curate content that more closely matches what their employee base wants. This will allow the wine and spirits company to create more high-quality DE+I communications efficiently and allow for the global DE+I team to grow and expand its impact. 

Download the Corporate DE+I Communications Plan case study here. Learn more about our DE+I Consulting Services by contacting us below. 

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