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Point of Sale (POS) System Vendor Selection for a National Restaurant Brand

Contributors: Neeki Tahssili

Clarkston completed a Point of Sale (POS) system vendor selection for a leading national restaurant brand. With 300+ stores nationwide in 2021, this client began exploring the extension into new service models such as drive-thru, fast casual spinoffs, and smaller footprints. The client recognized that their retail technology was due for a modern upgrade to support their core business model and these transformational initiatives. While controlling the total cost of ownership, the strategic objectives for this integrated POS solution were to create more integrated, improved customer experiences; allow for service model flexibility across modes of dining; streamline integrations; and provide analytic insight into store operations, above-store operations, and customer behavior. 

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The client’s legacy POS solution was inhibiting the overall productivity of employees, necessitating extensive manual processes across labor, inventory, sales, and reporting functions. Their goal through the POS solution vendor selection was to select a partner that could improve their overall operations, leading to a more seamless guest experience across restaurant, online, mobile app, and delivery channels. The client engaged Clarkston’s vendor selection experts to evaluate and select an all-in-one vendor partner that solved their operational challenges. Clarkston accomplished this through organizing requirements, leveraging templates for Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) processes, and facilitating a scoring evaluation process among a cross-functional team of client decision-makers. 

Through Clarkston’s vendor selection methodology and retail expertise, the client was able to select a POS solution that is innovative, supports scalable future growth, and will improve the overall guest, employee, and operator experience. 

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