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CTOP | Clarkston's Cell and Gene Therapy Software

Clarkston’s Cell Therapy Orchestration Platform (CTOP) for personalized medicine is powered by SAP®
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Design Your Scalable Cell and Gene Therapy Software Solution for Manufacturing

Why Choose Clarkston's Cell and Gene Therapy Software Solution?

Clarkston has designed a cell and gene therapy software solution for personalized medicine therapies leveraging SAP’s HANA and Cloud platforms. This supply chain orchestration software enables chain of identity, chain of custody, patient scheduling, and efficient manufacturing while conforming with all relevant regulations.

We Understand the Challenges in Personalized Medicine

Clarkston understands the complex system landscape issues facing a personalized medicine company. You need to be responsive and adaptable while maintaining the highest quality standards for every single patient.

Clarkston’s cell and gene therapy software for personalized medicine is powered by SAP

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Clarkston's cell and gene therapy software

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Personalized Medicine Platform

For biopharmaceuticals…

Clarkston’s platform supports the operational needs of cell therapies that do not fit into the current architectures of life sciences organizations by providing real-time access to the changing variables of patients and manufacturing in a single platform. The platform allows you to use existing systems to evolve your business from make-to-stock to make-to-order, filling gaps in your current operating model that do not currently address the needs of cell and gene therapy production.

For gene therapy companies….

With stringent chain of custody, chain of identity, and visibility controls underpinning the platform, manufacturers maintain full supervision through the production and administration cycles in gene therapy treatments.

For pre-commercial companies…

Clarkston’s cell and gene therapy software, CTOP, grows with you as you progress on your path to commercialization, providing a modular or complete approach based on your business needs.

For cell therapy companies….

Cell therapy manufacturers must facilitate coordination in the external ecosystem in the personalized medicine value chain with easy, secure, accurate, and seamless interactions throughout the lifecycle.

Life Sciences client quote

Chief Information Officer

Personalized Medicine Manufacturer

“Clarkston has the experience of actually collaborating as partners to explore and design solutions that work for us.”

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