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Conducting a TPM Assessment for a Pet Product Company

Clarkston recently conducted a TPM assessment for a pet product company. This client is one of the top companies in the pet care industry as a global manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of pet care products and vet services. The client’s portfolio of products includes dry food, wet food, treats, and supplements. Read a synopsis of the project below or download the full case study.

With a trade promotion management (TPM) system due to sunset in 2025, the company saw an opportunity to reevaluate and transform its entire annual sales planning and forecasting processes, including TPM, into a more integrated and streamlined ecosystem. The client approached Clarkston to complete an assessment of its current systems and processes to help lay the groundwork for the implementation of more effective technologies. The client expressed that its current system was not being utilized to its full potential due to the misalignment with their business processes and data management, and wanted to ensure future business processes and data management would align with the capabilities of best-in-class technological solutions. The client wanted to create a solution that would minimize offline work, facilitate data integrations, and reduce the overall workload on its user base.  

Download the TPM Assessment for a Pet Product CompanyCase Study Here

The assessment began with over 30 key stakeholder meetings to uncover gaps in current processes and systems. Next, findings were compiled, and 15 workstreams were determined based on areas that needed more analysis. Over five weeks, 45 meetings were conducted with each workstream team to dissect their processes and better understand opportunities for improvement. The output of the workstream meetings was an Executive Summary for each workstream, including a wish list and requirements needed for the future state. Clarkston then held a Future State Workshop to obtain further clarification on any outstanding discrepancies. 

More than 60 stakeholders were involved across eight different functions throughout the entire process. The project culminated with a roadmap and prioritized requirements to guide the client through preparation for the implementation of an integrated process and system sales planning and forecasting ecosystem. 

Download the TPM Assessment for a Pet Product Company case study here. Learn more about our Pet Product Industry Services by contacting us below. 

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