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Selling the C-Suite: The Business Case for a Modern TPM System

Cloud-based trade promotion management (TPM) solutions have made it easier than ever for consumer goods manufacturers to track and manage trade promotion activities. While implementing any large-scale technology platform requires considerable effort and investment, the potential benefits of a best-in-class TPM system far outweigh the costs. From the field sales level to the C-suite, effective trade promotion management can transform the way your business operates (and profits). Trade promotion can have cascading effects and outcomes for nearly every area of the business. It’s critical for each member of the C-suite to understand how a TPM solution can potentially impact their respective functional areas to drive returns, enable growth, and improve consumer engagement.

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Chief Executive Officer – CEO

The enhanced analytical capabilities and improved knowledge sharing afforded by a TPM solution enables the organization to move towards ‘one version of the truth’

a.       An effective TPM solution requires more cohesive company-wide annual planning (often extending beyond trade) and allows for improved interdepartmental collaboration around sales forecasting, demand planning, and other important sales planning processes

b.       Improved coordination also drives alignment around key company-wide strategic, marketing, and financial initiatives

c.       Enhanced cohesion also fosters an environment that encourages information sharing between departments and fosters a data-first approach to problem-solving

Best-in-class industry technology in trade helps your company scale and manage growth in a cost-efficient manner

a.       Ensures that trade investments drive bottom line as well as topline growth

b.       Improved automation reduces manual offline Excel work and frees up resources for more impactful and profitable activities

c.       Provides a gateway to more advanced customer segmentation, trade funding, and revenue management models that help ensure that your company gets the most out of its relationships with its customers

A modern TPM solution enables your company, regardless of size, to take the next step on the technology maturity arc

a.       For larger firms, TPM solutions can be integrated with existing technology applications, such as internal shipment data and syndicated consumption platforms, to create advanced internal analytics networks

b.       For smaller companies, TPM solutions can help your company align its business practices with the industry standard, making it easier to integrate and synergize with potential M&A partners

Download the full eBook Selling the C-Suite: The Business Case for a Modern TPM System here

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