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TPM Talks: Involvement of Shopper Marketing in TPM Planning

In the TPM Talks webinar series, senior consultant Shatakshi Shekhar sits down with various consumer products sales and marketing subject matter experts to chat through some of the most pressing topics and challenges surrounding Trade Promotion Management in the industry today. The topic of this talk is shopper marketing in TPM planning. Explore the free webinar download here and read a quick overview below.

The decision to include shopper marketing in TPM can be multifaceted and might not be the most obvious choice. However, when executed with proper planning and the right system, it can be a fantastic way to facilitate cohesion between sales and marketing. 

What is Shopper Marketing? 

Shopper marketing truly embodies the omnichannel experience for the consumer – so much so that it now accounts for more than $21 billion in annual spending.  It includes various types of programs, like digital coupons, influencer campaigns, paid social media posts, and more. When you think about including shopper marketing into your TPM system, you need to make sure you have a plan in place. This not only helps you to avoid under or overspending, but it also ensures alignment across people, processes, and technology. 

Shopper Marketing in TPM 

TPM systems are the gold standard for tracking and optimizing the billions spent on trade promotions each year, but how do shopper marketing programs fit in? What are the key considerations when deciding whether your shopper marketing programs should be tracked and analyzed in your TPM system?    

In this webinar, I’m joined by sales and marketing expert Amy Levine as she shares her insights and best practices for including shopper marketing in TPM. 

Download the 4-Minute Shopper Marketing TPM Planning Video

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