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TPM Talks: Planning TPM with ​Indirect Customers

In the TPM Talks webinar series, senior consultant Shatakshi Shekhar sits down with various consumer products sales and marketing subject matter experts to chat through some of the most pressing topics and challenges surrounding Trade Promotion Management in the industry today. The topic of this talk is TPM planning with indirect customers. Explore the free webinar download here and read a quick overview below.

Without the proper tools and processes, it can be challenging to capture indirect customer data in a meaningful way. Luckily, the optimized use of a trade promotion management (TPM) solution can aid in tackling the complexities of working with indirect customers. ​ 

Indirect vs. Direct Customers 

A common problem and common confusion for many clients is how to plan indirect customers compared to direct customers. It is important to understand the difference between the two as it drives the need for your various planning processes. Direct customers are those that purchase directly from you – meaning you have access to that data, can send them invoices, and don’t need to gather additional data from other sources. On the other hand, indirect customers are those who buy your company’s product or service from another source, like distributors or wholesalers, which can make TPM planning a bit more complicated. 

The Importance of Promotion Planning 

In recent years, we’ve seen more and more sizeable customers – whose businesses can move the needle with profitability — are using distributors, but they’re expecting manufacturers to offer promotional opportunities for their category growth. This drives the needle for TPM planning processes that can support that desired growth. So, what does that mean for retailers and manufacturers alike, and how does a lack of timely visibility into indirect sales impact continuous planning?  

In this webinar, I’m joined by sales and marketing expert Joann Newman as we discuss best practices for planning promotions for indirect customers and our advice for where organizations should focus their efforts.  

Download the 5-Minute TPM Planning Video

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