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DTC Discussions: DTC, Brand, and Engagement  

As companies increasingly move into the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space, understanding and responding to the needs and wants of consumers is absolutely essential. The concept of consumer centricity – putting the consumer at the center of all decision-making – is at the top of mind for companies looking for ways to remain relevant and profitable in an ever growing and evolving DTC space. 

When we think of some of the most successful consumer product brands and companies that have been successful in the DTC space, we see that they’ve prioritized their relationships with consumers. They’ve taken the time to listen and learn from the consumer experience, and they’ve also invested in the right tools and resources to better understand and tailor to consumers’ needs.   

A Direct Relationship

One of the most interesting aspects of DTC is in its name: the opportunity to establish a direct relationship with the consumer. Through this direct relationship, companies can better leverage first-party data to understand the consumer – listening to them, asking for feedback, and tailoring products or experiences directly to them. Consumer centricity and meaningful engagement is truly the heart of DTC and what will set brands apart in this space. 

Watch the DTC, Brand, and Engagement Episode of DTC Discussions Here

Companies should consider DTC as more than just a channel to manage a relationship with the consumer – rather, it serves a cross-functional purpose, allowing companies to leverage the tools and processes in place to gain insight, inspire innovation, and better engage with and serve their consumers. With this mindset of prioritizing the consumer journey in DTC, brands will be better able to keep the consumer at the heart of their strategy and decision-making – both now and in the future. 

Part 10 of DTC Discussions is Focused on DTC, Brand, and Engagement

In our 10th and final episode of this DTC Webinar Series, I’m joined by Idoia Hidalgo, manager and consumer healthcare industry lead at Clarkston, as we discuss the “why” behind direct-to-consumer, opportunities for consumer centricity and consumer engagement, and brand and innovation. Learn all about DTC, brand, and engagement in this short webinar at the link below.

Watch the DTC, Brand, and Engagement Episode of DTC Discussions Here

Clarkston’s DTC Discussions  Webinar Series  

If you haven’t already, be sure to watch the rest of  Clarkston’s DTC Webinar Series, a collection of videos designed to help consumer products and retail companies launch, grow, and optimize direct to consumer businesses, or learn more about Clarkston’s direct-to-consumer consulting services here.  

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