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DTC Discussions: DTC Marketing and Analytics

COVID withstanding, DTC marketing has undergone drastic shifts over the last few years as brands have found new, innovative ways to leverage data to improve their consumers’ experience, drive new growth, and meet shifting consumer expectations. As the pandemic has disrupted the business landscape, DTC marketing has only become more important as consumers are seeking digital pathways to purchase in lieu of traditional brick-and-mortar shopping.

Watch the Marketing and Analytics Episode of DTC Discussions Here

For years, data has been supreme in the world of DTC marketing and while that remains true, brands have been forced to grapple with growing privacy concerns by both consumers and regulators. First-party data, while powerful, must now be collected, stored, and managed in line with a range of regional, national, and global regulations concerning consumer data.

Part 6 of DTC Discussions is Focused on Marketing and Analytics

In this episode of DTC Discussions, I’m joined by Musa Jose, a digital marketing expert to discuss DTC marketing, analytics, and talent. In this episode, we discuss first-party data, why businesses invest in it, how it’s used, and the new considerations businesses must make around protecting it. We further go on to discuss how businesses can leverage website tagging and analytics in order to optimize their DTC marketing efforts. Lastly, we touch on the talent imperative in DTC marketing, including how businesses should approach forming their DTC marketing team, finding the right mix, and leveraging agencies and external parties to maximize your DTC marketing returns.

Watch the Marketing and Analytics Episode of DTC Discussions Here

Clarkston’s DTC Discussions Webinar Series

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