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DTC Discussions: Introduction to DTC and Business Goals

If there has been one common strategic goal across CPG companies and retail companies in the last several years, it’s capturing the eCommerce opportunity. This only escalated more during the pandemic as people started shopping online more than ever. Though selling direct to consumer (DTC) existed before the pandemic, the acceleration of online sales has forced the conversation at the executive level of every company. And, as the supply chain crisis has increasingly caused issues, manufacturers have been rethinking traditional sales models. The growing DTC market has become more and more appealing for manufacturers – a market that is reaching nearly $20 billion in revenue this year, worldwide.

Executives are also realizing their customers prefer to buy direct; this model, in turn, can be better for both companies and customers. In DTC, manufacturers have more control and better relationships with their customers, and their profits aren’t gouged by middlemen. This model makes customers feel like they are getting a better customer experience and source of information. They have more faith in that the product they are buying is legitimate and tend to feel like they are getting a better value, higher quality, and, often, a more customized product or experience.

Introduction to DTC

As we work alongside leaders in CPG and retail companies, we often get into the discussion about the goals of DTC, how to establish a DTC channel that is accretive to the rest of the business, and how to do it without losing focus on the base business. In response to these many discussions and projects, we’ve created a DTC Discussions series. The first webinar of the series is an introduction to DTC and business goals.

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Our goal in this series is to provide the most comprehensive free overview of DTC available online. We aim to provide areas to consider when launching, developing, or optimizing a DTC business for an established company. In doing so, we aim to help companies with common DTC goals to:

  • Create ownable channels for direct consumer engagement
  • Capture first party that to optimize product, messaging, and operations
  • Define a new path to drive loyalty and brand advocacy
  • Build a DTC channel that contributes margin accretive incremental revenue

This series will provide helpful tips and ideas for companies at any stage in the development of DTC channel and any maturity of its operations. Whether you are looking to launch commerce for the first time, make it more frictionless for consumers, or create omnichannel experiences, this webinar series can help you consider new areas to build capability for the consumer.

Contributions by Alexandra Hatsios

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