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DTC Discussions: DTC Logistics and Supply Chain Operations

DTC logistics is one of the more apparent challenges in either transitioning into or adopting a direct-to-consumer business model. The challenge is quite clear – for most businesses, a DTC model will exponentially increase both the number of shipments being made and the number of locations to which they’re being shipped. The sheer volume can be overwhelming in the transition to direct-to-consumer and that’s compounded by a wide range of key supply chain differences that businesses must contend with in moving to a direct-to-consumer model.

From new distribution models to shipping lead times, forecasting, and planning, the supply chain implications of a direct-to-consumer model are far-reaching and will have impacts that radiate across the business and its customers. While so much is centered around the logistics for the product, the DTC supply chain also requires a mindset shift around the customer. Each link in the supply chain is now plays an even greater part in the customer experience. As businesses also increasingly rely on 3PL partners in a DTC model, particularly for fulfilling final transportation and last mile delivery, it’s critical to assess 3PL partnerships and integrations against your DTC goals.

Part 5 of DTC Discussions is focused on DTC logistics and supply chain operations.

In this episode of DTC Discussions, I’m joined by Consultant Megan Angevine to discuss DTC logistics, supply chain implications, 3PL partnerships, and more. Throughout the discussion, we touch on the practical considerations businesses must consider in their supply chain and logistics operations in order to create a seamless customer experience and profitable model for growth.

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